Restaurant Management Solutions

Restaurant Management Solutions

This digital world is all about delivering convenient solutions to your customers in just one touch. In which web portals and mobile applications are making enormous growth. Everything your customers want, and need, is just fingertips away from them. Whether its clothing, job, food, house, doctor or entertainment, everything that one needs the internet can offer.

For this reason, businesses need to go for online solutions to maximize profits and retain more customers. 'Convenience' is what makes people prefer to order from the comfort of their homes. According to the Statista, research, and analytics report online food delivery; worldwide revenue was almost $82.7 billion in 2018, which is presumed to rise to $137.6 billion by 2023.

At Tektiks Incorporation, we provide one-stop solutions from the restaurant management system to an online food delivery application for your restaurant, hotel, or cafe at a reasonable cost. This restaurant management system can benefits you in various ways; for example, you can manage and take online orders and reservations and display your menu online to receive the online order and online table booking.

Why Does Your Business Need To Be Online?

If you run a restaurant or cafe or hotel, and your business doesn't have a website and mobile app, that's a big issue. Without a complete online restaurant management system, your food business's potential would remain untapped in this digital landscape where people order food from the comfort of their homes. But if you have one, your tailored restaurant management system can uplift your business through:

Smart restaurant management
Decrease operational costs
Easy order management
Comprehensive customers database
Market competitive advantage
24/7 customer support
Higher customer satisfaction
Better marketing opportunities

Features for Restaurant Management or Food Delivery Software

At Tektiks Incorporation, we have worked with different local and international clients, who had unique requirements, and our team has managed to come up with the following features necessary for food delivery and restaurant management software.

Admin dashboard

Customer mobile app

Delivery Guy mobile app

Branch management app

Excellent UI

Browse menu option

Chef & order management

Support &maintenance

Our Success Story

Our professional developers understand how to convert your food business into the featured-packed online web portal and mobile applications. When it comes to managing a restaurant, a hotel, one requires years of know-how and intellectual labor with lots of hard work. Several activities and chores must be handled and controlled at once.

One of our clients needed a restaurant solution to manage orders and menu in multiple branches of his restaurant. Consequently, we proposed and built restaurant web and mobile apps for both iOS and Androidintegrated with these features admin dashboard (web), vendor dashboard (web), data entry dashboard (web), data authorizer dashboard (web), delivery guy dashboard (web), vendor mobile apps to manage orders, customer mobile app and delivery guy mobile app. Along with a separate app for branches so that restaurant can manage unlimited branches.


At Tektiks Incorporation, we offer a one-stop solution to the customers by blending perfect technologies with an innovative idea. Therefore, creating an excellent solution to expand your business sales and revenue.

If you have an idea, let us know!