Economical Online Grocery Store Solutions

Economical Online Grocery Store Solutions

With the advent of technology, the world has been drastically changed; those days are gone when people use to make extensive grocery lists to buy the needed products and visit the shops in the marketplace. Due to busy life schedules, most people prefer to save time and go for hassle-free online grocery shopping with just a few clicks in no time. This gave rise to the online doorstep grocery services software solutions.

Grocery application installation and usage grew to 50% in 2018 and is expected to rise rapidly in the coming years. Therefore, a grocery store business without an online presence could be at the risk of losing both customers and credibility.

Grocery web portal and mobile application development is an ideal business segment amongst all sectors. Expand your business with Tektiks Incorporation’s ready-line affordable grocery software development solutions and jump-started.

Why Does Your Business Need an Online Platform?

In case you own a single grocery store, grocery market, or grocery store chains and your business don’t have an online presence; then chances are you can lose your potential customers. Without a grocery portal or mobile apps, your grocery business’s growth will be unexploited. But if you have online grocery delivery software solutions in place, it can empower your business in the following ways:

Brand awareness
Reduce operational costs
Increased revenue
Large customer base
Market competitive advantage
24/7 customer support
High level of customer satisfaction
Integrated free marketing opportunities

Features for Grocery Delivery Software Solutions

Grocery delivery web and mobile apps can make life easy and convenient for users. Our UI/UX designers and developers can develop user-friendly grocery solutions by making use of modern technologies to grow your business online. Our tailored online grocery delivery software solutions offer the following features:

Admin users dashboard (Web)

Vendor users dashboard (Web)

Data entry dashboard (Web)

Data authorizer dashboard web

Delivery guy dashboard (Web)

Vendor mobile apps to manage orders

Customer mobile app

Delivery Guy mobile app

Our Online Grocery Store Solution Success Story

Building a state-of-the-art grocery solution needs proper planning, design skills, coding skills, as well as industry know-how to convert the client’s ideas into physical products. Based on your customized need and requirements, at Tektiks Incorporation, we can design and develop a perfect software solution to kick start your grocery business using the latest technologies. Our standard software development process consists of five steps that include plan, design, development, testing, and delivery.

As per our client’s needs, we developed a multi-vendor grocery marketplace, along with Android & iOS application to help customers, vendors, and the delivery agents.

The web portal and applications come with several other features to facilitate easy grocery selling and buying experience for the vendors and buyers. Some of these features are as follows:

  • It was a multi-vendor app where admin can have full control on inventory.
  • Admin can authorize vendors but vendors have to upload their all required documents for verification.
  • Vendors can setup their stores and users along with serving area selection.
  • Vendor can have sub user like data entry and data authorizer to manage store/branches inventory.
  • Vendor can also have their own delivery guys to manage their deliveries.
  • System can auto split orders (max 2 orders allowed) in case of purchasing from different stores at a time. In case of more than 2 orders, rest of the orders can be added to favorite list or can be deleted.
  • System can also suggest about store with cheaper rates for the same order.


With the advanced feature-packed web portal and mobile applications, boost your single grocery store or grocery store chain business. Offering a hassle-free and convenient shopping experience to your customers is the real game-changer in this present digital scenario.

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