Motorola Moto G Smartphone’s review & price in India

moto g review

Motorola has revealed its anticipated, low-cost Moto G Smartphone in the country, providing the sufficient with a selection that presents polite specifications, pure Android software and a promise of quick software upgrades.

The display of Moto G – one of its strengths – is the only one in this worth range from top-level companies presenting HD (720p) resolution. The screen quality is very good; it presents forceful colors and is a treat to look at allowing for the price point.

Another key attribute of Moto G is the supply Android software, minus all the confusion of custom skins. Motorola has also told that it will acquire the Android 4.4 update in India within next few days.

moto g smartphone

Moto G runs on the potent Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor, clocked at 1.2GHz. First is the 5MP camera. In India, you can get Smartphones with 8MP camera under Rs 10,000, so 5MP doesn’t really stand up to that.

In terms of looks, Moto G is good looking, and looks a lot like Moto X. The Smartphone gets top marks for fit and terminate, and even the nurture cover is of much better quality than many higher-priced models. It comes with a black back cover out of the box, but you can switch to one of the many colorful back covers or flip covers that the company is presenting.

Moto G’s big problem is storage. It comes in only 8 and 16GB storage capacity, with actual data storage capacity of approximately 5.5 and 12.5GB, respectively.
It features all-day battery life for Moto G, but we would keep comment on that until a full review is finished.



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